Covid-19 Resources for Students Working at Home.

The learning at home page has resources for students as well as instructions for logging in to Teams.

Logging in to Teams - Instructions and a video about Using Teams here at Pine Ridge.
Remote Learning with Office 365 and Teams - Great resources from Microsoft for students and parents/guardians!
Resources for learning at home - A page of resources and information Pine Ridge teachers are sharing with students.

Grade 5 Band - September 2020

Dear Parents of Grade 4 students,

Your student will begin Grade 5 in September, and that means they could learn to play an instrument!
Normally we would try the instruments now and decide whether to take band or music.

This year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will have to wait until fall to choose instruments.

If you choose band, you will need to rent or buy an instrument from a music store in fall. There will be an information meeting for you. Come to hear about band and understand the costs.

If you can’t afford to pay for the instrument, please contact us, and we can help by offering a reduced price. We will make sure everyone can participate.

Band Instrument Choices: flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone.

Ask at the end of Grade 5 if interested in trying euphonium, drums, saxophone, etc.
If saxophone is your goal, you should start with clarinet.
If tuba or euphonium is your goal, you should start with trumpet or trombone.
If you own a different band instrument and would like your child to play it, please contact us to discuss it.

Do not rent or buy an instrument yet.

Please email Mr Wiebe with your choice of band class or music class. This is simply to get an idea of your thoughts for next year.


We're all in this together!

Hey Paladins,

We miss you very much! We think of you often. We wanted to remind you that we are all in this together, even though we are apart right now! Ms. Gill encouraged all the staff to share their school spirit. She put together a little video for all of you! If you want to join us for a song and a dance, click HERE.

We hope you are all staying stafe, and staying healthy! We look forward to seeing you again someday soon.

Mrs. Ashly Dyck, Vice Principal- Pine Ridge Elementary

Learning Block 4: Information for Parents

A new learning block has begun. By now you should have new plans and materials from your child’s teacher for the next two weeks. Here are a few reminders for you at home as we begin this third block of remote learning:

  1. Reminders about Learning Time:
  • K-Grade 4 students should be spending approximately 1 hour on curricular related learning tasks, with a focus on literacy (reading, writing, viewing, representing, speaking, listening) and numeracy (Math).
  • Grade 5-8 students should be spending approximately 2 hours on curricular related learning, with a focus on literacy and numeracy.
  • Thank you for completing the survey and sharing your feedback on the process. Keep doing what works for your family and remember that teachers are here to support your efforts. 😊
  1. Returning Materials:
  • We have received some feedback about clearly labelling learning materials for return. We have used this feedback to create the latest packages. Please help us out by putting your child’s name on their work. This helps teachers as they sort through work that is returned.
  • GRADE 4 AND 6 STUDENTS will receive a phone call about program options for arts courses. An information sheet about your options is included in this package.

 3. Pick-up/Delivery Notes:

  • The next pick-up/delivery date is Thursday, May 28. Buses leave the school at 10 am.
  • May 28 is the last date to get library books.
  • You can send your musical instruments back on any of the three remaining pick up dates.
  • After May 28, June 11 is the next pick-up delivery date. We ask that all library books please be retuned on June 11.
  • The final pick-up/delivery date will be June 18. We ask that all loaned materials such as library books, guided reading materials, learning materials and computers please be returned by this date.
  • Teachers will also be requesting any work they would like to include in their assessment for the end of the year by June 11.

 4. Year End/Transitions:

It has been an eventful school year for the staff and students of Pine Ridge! We thank you for your support and grace as we begin to build our learning community. We are so sad that our time together was cut short. How do we say goodbye when we were just getting to know one another? We are talking about how we can transition in a safe way. We hope to have further information about end of year transitions with the next package. Please stay tuned. We miss you all very much and thank you for your continued efforts to continue learning at home!

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